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Mukta exists to inspire a more expansive and liberated life. It means to be alive & liberated. The name Mukta was given to me by my guru Amma, and serves as a constant reminder to feel free while I'm alive and enjoy this wildly beautiful journey of life. Birthed from a desire to connect, create, learn, grow, share and express, it offers me an opportunity to channel and weave together the various fabrics that shape me; travel, heritage, environmental awareness, social responsibility, movement, mindfulness, imagination, collaboration, artistry, craft - etc. and beyond.

 together my Portuguese roots and my experience as a yoga instructor, artist, community development worker in Ethiopia, social justice activist, student and seeker with my love for humanity and this beautiful planet. Mukta Being is a platform for social change, here to remind us to connect - to ourselves, each other and the planet - to feel it all, and live the most liberated life possible.

Mukta gives my skills, knowledge, creativity, connections and history a more profound purpose. Without a wicked strong network of superhero support, I would not be able to make these dreams of mine come true.

This is for you, for people, planet & beyond.